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I’m not sure if you know this about me but I live in Muskoka, ON Canada full-time where the winters are beautiful, picturesque and super duper cold and snowy. In the winter time my ‘causal business look’ Pinterest page looks like enormous down-filled jackets, boots (up past your calves) and gloves which translates to most days me resembling a team member from an Arctic snow search and rescue mission. Temps can dip as low as -30 and that to me is no joke! To be honest, I can’t even deal with the cold and its frosty bite. I have a ‘I’m NOT going outdoors policy’ if the temps are below -10……seriously I’m such a wimp. I’m pretty confident to blame this on my long standing British genetic makeup, which is NOT equipped to handle cold temps nor is my red-headed transparent skin (yup I might have been related to a vampire). So underneath my giant parka in Muskoka there is nothing more exciting then the arrival of spring and its new wardrobe. Who doesn’t love that time where you can actually delayer and only wear jean jacket? Oh my gosh yes please!

I recently drove to North Carolina on a business trip in April and (before anyone comments that driving is not part of your frequent flyer miles) Yes, I realize you can fly but there is something special about heading south in the early Spring. I love driving and making my way down south on Interstate 77 through West Virginia and overlooking the George Washington and Jefferson National forests. It is breathtaking through the mountains and you literally watch spring appear with each hour that passes in the car. So it got me excited about the possibility that I might be hanging up my winter parka soon when I got back home to Muskoka.


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Want to find out what style you are and what your latest spring looks are, take the quiz and find out what you need to have in your closet for this spring.

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Transition outfits are easy with layers

Transition outfits are easy with layers

Spring Outfits Made Super Easy

Being an a Business owner of a busy Interior Designer Company and mom of 3 busy children, it is so important for me to have an outfit that can transition back and forth from impromptu client business meetings, site visits with contractors and mom pick ups at the end of the day. So I would put myself into a style category ‘business causal’ for work and just ‘causal and comfortable’ during the weekends, where most of these posts are written in my yoga pants and lots of coffee! So I have pinned some of my favourite basic business causal looks for spring and even a super easy shopping guide website to help you out. Yes! A great a mom win.

spring outfits 4.jpg


Layers are a great way to change your look, here we have a great option of a 3/4 sleeve shirt, black jeans, an oversized bag and jewelry (so cute right?). Even if you wanted to trade out the little booties and switch for some fun flats or even a pair of converse shoes this would be a another great choice. I love this simple and stylish look and this would be something that I would totally wear when heading to the office or pick up my kids.

I love this website outfitsforlife.com which takes all the guess work out of putting stylish outfits together for different seasons. So, lets just for a moment pay some major gratitude to ‘Outfits for Life’ a truly fantastic website helping visualize already coordinated outfits including all the links to shop at very affordable prices.

Thank you for making shopping so easy, simple and fun! No excuses now people…..

A Little Bit About ‘Outfits for Life’

Shop Click Here Outfits for Life - Spring Collection


Outfits For Life is a hub of inspiration to help you find stylish outfits for any occasion and season.  But that’s not all!  Outfits For Life was created to help you put together those outfits at an affordable price without all the hassle of regular shopping.


All you have to do is select the outfit type you’re looking for (date outfits, work outfits, casual outfits, etc), and then scroll through the gallery to find what you like.  From this point, you can find the links to purchase each individual accessory or piece of clothing below the outfit’s image.

Clicking on the link takes you to the product page where you can then select your size and/or color and add the item to your cart. Press the back button on your smartphone or close the window on your pc to be taken back to the outfits page to add the rest.


No!  Outfits For Life will never ask for your credit card information and we offer our hard work completely free of charge.  We do make a small amount when you click on our links, but it doesn't cost you anything extra and it helps keep the website up and running.

Shop Click Here Outfits for Life - Spring Collection

Spring Ready for and Business Casual

Spring Ready for and Business Casual