Make Your Day Count - My Personal Journal

Goals…it starts with accountability, writing down your daily goals make you 100% more accountable for personal or business actions!


January 1st 2019, I started out with a very clear intention to be 100% more present in my personal life and STOP pushing all of the amazing things I enjoy so much off to the side. Seems easy right? and it should be a super easy life task, but here is the thing for me it requires a monumental amount effort to me to make a change this big in the new year. If you haven’t already read our January BLOG “Cheer’s It’s a Restart” then you will understand that I’m an busy entrepreneur, home flipper and mom to 3 beautiful babies and any amount of left over time I had in the past, would end up in the volunteer pit (because I feel a ton of mom guilt, like all the time if I don’t). Last year felt like a never ending hamster wheel on replay, just spinning and getting know where fast. I was always feeling really exhausted and tired all the time, because I would be engulfed in work projects and have nothing left for my personal space.

For the past 31 days, I have journaled every day faithfully with two clear personal intentions; 1. My personal daily goal and 2. Something that I’am grateful for, it takes less than 3 minutes every morning and it is a life changer.

My day starts off like this:

Write down my daily goal, for me it has been lately “Be the best version of myself”



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Everyday Journal available - RBPRINTS $59.95 Leather Back - RD Quote