Cheers...... Its a Restart

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Cheers……...It’s a Restart


So here we are on the first day of the New Year; I can feel it I’m on the edge of something great.

And if you are like the rest of the seven plus billion people that live on planet earth, then I’m sure you have a resolution right up your sleeve. I personally love the New Year; it’s a fresh start like a new day, a clean sheet and step forward to our goals and personal accomplishments we each want to achieve. The stars are awakened and lit on fire from our hearts, catching all the wishes and dreams each of us are hoping to reach.

Our family spends the first day of the new year planning out what we hope to accomplish into this fresh new start. Each of us write down our goals on paper, they are then folded and placed carefully into a large mason jar, it is then sealed and opened the following year exactly a year to the day. After a year spent in waiting our mason jar is opened; and the notes of our goals are read aloud to each other, we congratulate, encourage and listen carefully to what was important to each other over the past year.


Why do we do this, because I’m a huge believer that if you write an action or plan down then you have a far greater chance for accomplishment, because accountability is the greatest responsibility we can have on ourselves no matter our age. No matter if your goal is big or small it is important to take action and responsibility for what you are setting out to achieve.


But over the years I have to be honest with myself here, my self-doubt and pushing all the personal things off that are important to the sidelines. My personal goal list now could fill a small SUV; ok wait it could fill a large SUV.  And I don’t like the version of myself that I have painted, I don’t even know how I ended up here actually.


SO WHY would I even share this part of me, so here’s the deal. Being an entrepreneur and running a design business I have that part down-packed, I can achieve a checkmate with work projects – a hundred times over without even batting an eye. A normal business day for me consists with writing down goals daily, checklists and I encourage; wait no require my staff to do the same. My job is to ensure that everything is handled, running like a finely tuned violin. And listen, I absolutely love work; like infatuated with all things design, I’m the person that is willing to work 7 days a week just so that we can hit a homerun on a project.  But my personal goals taking the sidelines are starting to catch-up to me and I feel its leaking into other areas.



Having business and personal goals are very different, but believe me they absolutely relate to each other. How can I show my best version of my artistic direction on a project when I didn’t take the time to go bed on time or get my 45 mins of spin in the morning? I want 2019 to show the best version of myself so that I can stand back a year from now and be proud of what she has done with her time.


Let’s start this amazing new fresh, wide open space of opportunity year, to stop putting the small stuff on the sidelines. Take control and know that the small goals are just as important as the big ones. Let’s commit from this day forward together that we promise to ourselves to show up every day and keep working on our goals because we deserve it, and want to be the best versions of ourselves.


Here is a list of my goals:  Business / Personal Goals



-       Good, bad … Hey I’m no English Major here, just be present and show up to an audience big or small and simply write, blog social media content, video anything goes.


Learn to say “no”

-       Do you know that “people pleaser” comment. Yup that’s me; a person who often doesn’t say no, this isn’t just business related but personal as well. I need to understand that I can’t take on the world and do everything; so, saying NO is absolutely OK! It doesn’t mean your failing it means you know your own personal limitations and others need to respect the boundaries that come with that.


Take more pictures

-       Seems easy, and it is!

Projects, family my dog and anything I can snap a photo of, I want to look back and enjoy my beautiful life and be grateful for it.


Be more connected to my passion which is design

-       I frigging LOVE design, I mean I’m obsessed.

I enjoy everything from space planning, colour theory, meeting clients, transforming spaces, ripping projects apart and building them back up anything relating to interior spaces sign me up I’m there! This year I want to push myself and my staff further with more blogs, DIY, lifestyle sections and more project documentation; we are an amazing team and the world should know about us!


Eat healthier

-       Ya, sure not just cut the chocolate brownies – are they ok if they are gluten free (just kidding). I want to really be concisions of my food choices, stop eating foods that have no benefit to me physically or mentally. Starting now I’m resetting myself and eating more fruits and vegetables, eliminating meats, glutens and processed foods. Eating my vitamins daily, and drink half my weight in water ounces per day.


Ride my bike

-       The absolute joy I feel when I’m on a ride is amazing. This year I’m committing to big rides and acutally showing up at the start line. The RTCC is one of my favourite and physical demanding rides, and one that I don’t want to pass up on.

Listen more (truly just listen)

-       I can talk, I have never had a problem making conversation. But if I’m honest; I feel I could be a better listener, sometimes I need to slow down and truly hear what someone is saying on the other end. Being a not just good friend, but a great one that can leave a lasting lifetime imprint on someone all starts with just listening.


Enjoy the moment with my family

-       This is a mom guilt one, sometimes I’m so caught up in the moment, making sure everyone has drinks, snacks, towels, stuffies you name it. I’m actually not really enjoying the moment, this is the little small stuff that just needs to slide because my kids won’t remember anything other than me being happy and present in that moment enjoying the time together, just being there for them.


 Engage with my husband

-       We are 14 years into our relationship, 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 hamster, 8 houses, 22 kid birthday parties, and it needs a reset. Marriage is so frigging hard, it pushes you to your limits; spending a lifetime with “your person” believe me is no walk in the park. But I love my person, really madly deeply crazy love him and I would do anything for him. So, I need to commit to stop complaining about the things that aren’t getting done and take action on the relationship, because life only grants you one “person” in a lifetime.