The Pesky Renovation Timeline


It is the question that comes up in every client meeting: “How long is this process going to take?”
It’s a fair question. We are, after all, coming into your home and rendering one or more rooms in your home unlivable. While we do our best to give our clients a fair prospect of what to expect, renovation is never clear cut. The removal of the aesthetic pieces within the room, for example kitchen cabinetry, is easy and quick, but once we start demolishing drywall and proceeding to remodel your room as designed, it can get messy.


The time between the initial demolition and the completion is most concerning to clients. It is when the most drastic changes are happening to your room, and it’s not always easy to see the progress. However, it is the many changes happening between those two major milestones that are most important.

This is an exciting time too! This is the time your lighting and electrical are laid out to your new design. This is the time your plumbing and heating sources are redirected. This is the time your flooring and trim are installed. This is the time everything gets a fresh coat of paint.
This may also be the time when setbacks occur.


Patience can run thin and stress levels can run high. Site conditions may need to be changed or updated to work with your new design. Occasionally existing structures need to be adjusted to code standards. These unforeseen setbacks can add to our timeline. This is when everyone must be patient and willing to work together to achieve alternate outcomes that everyone is happy with.

We understand this is the toughest aspect of a renovation for our clients, so we try to remind them that patience is needed during these weeks. “Keep your eye on the prize” so to speak. Go back and visit the drawings & inspiration that you began this journey with. Revisit your specifications and paint colours. Walk through or sit in your room and envision how much you are going to enjoy your new space, made custom just for you!


It is all going to come together and be amazing in the end.
That is our promise.