Adore the traditions – Just breath

Holidays at any time of the year can be overwhelming for most of us to say the least, for me this is especially so during the lead up to the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Its an emotionally fueled roller coaster with ups and downs, from having ecstatically beaming happy moments brought by the people around me, and then frustrating moments of holding my mom of three life together.

holiday tree.jpg

My best friend and biggest supporter in life, loved the holiday season. She lived for the traditions, the holiday decorations, the glitter and spice and all things nice, and the impromptu family and friend ‘get togethers’. I mean she was literally my version of Martha Stewart “home for the holidays”, when she entered a room she left behind the warmest wishes and biggest welcoming embracement from her personality. Everything, and I mean everything was done like it was out of a designer magazine her tree alone adored by all her friends and neighbours had perfectly placed beads, sparking glitter, shinny coloured balls, beautiful feather bird decorations and a star big enough to fill the northern skies. Her china cabinets filled with beautifully hand painted dinnerware plates reciting the story “It was the Night Before Christmas”. These were always set perfectly on a long harvest table awaiting any moment a six-course meal group of friends or family would just ‘drop in’. She made handmade cards crafted in anticipation for months leading up to December all with personal messages for everyone in our close family.

Three beautiful babies later and now I embrace tradition full on, no holding back. It is crucial for every family to have their version of Martha, that one person that can embrace your traditions, family beliefs and custom values. Passing them along from generation to generation because this is how we can leave our one small piece of existence behind for our future families to see.

holiday table.jpg

I decorate her tree with pride every year now taking care placing every decoration in a spot I know she would be happy with. Setting my table with the dinnerware trying to match the story as told to me as a child, I make the effort to create personal gifts for our family just as she would have each with thought and consideration. As I do this, I often think about my short time spent with her and how much I miss her so much it makes my heart ache. My memories of her now, are of our late evening chats over a warm cup of tea healing and melting my troubles away.

Oh, what I would do for one more late evening chat.

My beautiful gift that she left with me, was to give to my children her traditions and the traditions passed on from generations before her. Our family traditions are now shared with care and pride to each one of my children telling stories of past family members and what their values and traditions meant. Traditions aren’t just something we do they are a part of us, an incredibly rare and unique gift from your own family tree, just breath and adore them this holiday season. I feel like the luckiest mom on the planet! and this year I vow to spend more moments embraced with my family adoring them, spending precious time with my little humans embraced in our own family traditions.

Forever missed, never forgotten – Mom, Grandma My Best Friend

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