Incorporating your style into your Thanksgiving decorations


Holidays, the perfect time to showcase your talent with décor and cooking.  Alright, maybe not everyone cooks.  That’s okay, everyone brings their own special something to the table (pun intended!)

Setting your table before your guests arrive is a great way to ensure you will have time to visit with them when they do show up.  This also gives you a chance to showcase some of that talent we were talking about earlier.  Centre pieces can not only reflect the holiday you are celebrating, but also your sense of interior style.


Let’s get creative.  What do you already own in another room of your house?  What can you find outside in your backyard or garden?  Do you have anything generic you can use from another holiday?  Utilizing what you have already around your home keeps the theme consistent with the room. The trick is to keep it subtle.  Bring in a couple of festive elements to help showcase your style, not over take it.  This is your home, and you want it to continue to feel that way during the fall season. 

Using key elements, you can bring your style and holiday decoration together in a harmonious way.  For our centerpiece this year, we have used gourds from @sandhillnursery with pine cones and leaves from our backyard.  The candles are from @Richhillcandles. A tableware staple of ours is white linen napkins with deer napkin rings from @rbfurnitureshop.  These are easily transferable from Thanksgiving to Christmas at our table, especially up here in Muskoka.


It’s time to go ahead and get inventive! Let us know how you like to decorate for Thanksgiving dinner.