Counter-top Surfaces - What to Know

It has been a busy start to this summer 2017 cottage season here in Muskoka, ON. We have been working with clients and finalizing some great new plans and design boards many of which include new vanities and kitchen designs. With many of our clients wanting to update surface working spaces in bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, I have been asked frequently about my personal opinions and selection choices for counter-top materials. 

If you are thinking about updating your space I always recommend to my clients to base your choices on the material first and what is best suited to you and your family, no two families or households are the same.  So how fitting to blog a guide to help with choices - if you need help with your next project contact me at amanda@rbfurnitureshop.com to set up your design consultation. 

MARBLE $$$ (85-175 sq ft) - Best used Low Traffic

Pros - Heat resistant, classy and timeless 

Cons - Porous surface - meaning it will stain, needs to be resealed every 1-2 years, expensive 


QUARTZ $$$ (85-175 sq ft) - Best used Low / High Traffic

(Brands: Caesarstone/Cambria) 

Pros - Man-made surface, stain/scratch/heat/acid and impact resistant, non-porous surface (doesn't need to be resealed), low maintenance 

Cons - It will never be the real thing


QUARTZITE $$$ (85-175 sq ft) - Best used Low / High Traffic

Pros - All natural stone, available in a variety of colours and tones, sister surface to quartz

Cons - Needs to be resealed once a year, more expensive than quartz


SOAPSTONE $$$ (100-175 sq ft) - Best used Low Traffic

Pros - Dense and non-porous, easy to disguise small surface scratches with mineral oil

Cons - Susceptible to scratches and nicks, typically found only in gray tones with varying veining patterns


BUTCHER BLOCK $$ (40-65 sq ft) - Best used Low Traffic

Pros - Sanitary when properly sealed, provides great work space for chopping and baking

Cons - Requires maintenance, scratches and dents


CONCRETE $$ (90-130 sq ft) - Best used Low Traffic/High Traffic

Pros - Stain/heat and water resistant when sealed, customizable thickness/edges/colour and texture, not your typical countertop surface


GRANITE $$$ (85-185 sq ft) - Best used Low Traffic/High Traffic

Pros - Comes in a wide range or colours and variations, polished or matte, spills wipe up quickly, non-porous materials after it is sealed, cost effective 


LIMESTONE $$$ (100-175 sq ft) - Best used Low Traffic

Pros - Variety of beautiful natural looking options, heat resistance, natural stone

Cons - High maintenance, potential to burn, spills need to be cleaned up quickly, etching is fairly common