How To Keep Your Mattress Fresh

From Style at Home October 2016 Issue 

Everything you need to know to maintain a functional clean bed long term. 

You're diligent about washing your sheets, but do you clean whats underneath them? In addition to the expected bodily fluids and dust, your mattress comes in contact with all types of microscopic filth, chief among them dust mite droppings. Dust mites live in upholstery and feed on skin cells (something you're constantly unwittingly shedding), and beyond being plain gross, their droppings can cause allergic reactions. So its high time you add mattress cleaning , a seasonal chore, to your to-do list. Having removed the sheets, vacuum the surface using the upholstery and crevice attachments. Spot clean any stains using an enzyme-based upholstery or carpet spray such as a pet-odour remover. Then liberally cover the mattress with baking soda; let sit for a full day. Finally, vacuum up all the powder and enjoy a truly freshly made bed.

Seasonally On Rotation

Much like the groove that develops in your go-to spots on the sofa, over the years, different areas of your mattress get uneven wear. To help it last longer, make a habit of rotating the mattress once a season. Alternate between flipping it from head to toe one season and upside down the next. (If your mattress has a pillow top, then only flip it head to toe.)

Very Airy

Air circulation is key to determining bacterial growth, so give your mattress some breathing room: If possible, place it outdoors in the sun (the UV rays will add an antimicrobial kick) every few months. When you go out of town, leave it bare of sheets.

Best Before

The average lifespan of a mattress is about a decade. If yours is howing surface wear, sagging or becoming at all uncomfortable, it may be time to trade up.

Buyers Guide 

In the market for a new mattress? Check out our shopping tips.

COST: Seat a realistic budget (don't cheap out on a good night's sleep) and stick to it. This is a big-ticket item, so the store may be willing to bargin.

QUALITY: Pay attention to details (stitching, seams, etc.), which will reveal how durable and well made the mattress is.

COMFORT: Always lie down to get a feel. If you're debating between two models , opt for the firmer one - it will soften over time, and you can buy a plush mattress pad if need be.

POLICIES: Familiarize yourself with the return policy and warranty before purchasing.